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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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Today is TAKE ON THE JOURNEY TUESDAY! We can choose to walk through life in a fog or we can be a part of our experience in such a way that we can be an active partner in the creation of our path.

I believe that we are all here to experience love, to be loved, and to love others. I believe this is the greatest journey we take.

On this journey, we will experience our lives on different levels. The first level is coming to earth and being born into our earthly family. That is the beginning; being loved. If our family is open, we will feel loved, we will be cared for, and we will earn to trust.

The second level is learning to reciprocate that love. We choose to connect to our family, our extended family and those that come into our lives at school and community. We will be taught how to be kind, how to be compassionate, and how to make choices that uplift others.

The third level is to connect the love we have learned and turn that into service for others. This service; this offering of our gifts, is how we put our love out into the world. When we choose to keep our eyes and hearts open we will be co-creators in the creation of our journey.

Choose to lead with love and be present.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

A little BIT MORE!

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Today is SING A SONG SATURDAY! Our heart sings every time we help another person, give way instead of always having our own, and lead with love.

Everyday we have an opportunity to be kind to another person.  When we live in darkness; having our own way, passing by instead of offering a hand, being kind to another person instead of always thinking of only ourselves, or just choosing to back off of an argument that will never be resolved with the mind that has come to the table, we have shut down our heart and it will not sing.

We can be more mindful and choose to find ways to offer help, solace, or a kind word.  Open your heart and mind today and allow your heart to sing.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Todays Thoughts 
A little Bit More!

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Today is WORLDWIDE WORTHINESS WEDNESDAY! Every living soul is worthy of compassion. Judgement and racism blocks the greatness within us to shine. How do you show up in the world?

I have found it very difficult this past year to show up with love and compassion for this administration. I have been appalled by the outrageous disregard for the law, for human life, for animals, and for the hardworking individuals.

I continue to reach for my inner soul light and embrace the greatness within me so I can walk in love and compassion when my heart is clinched with fear.

We are all able to grow, to reach for better than we were the day before, and show up with the love we have within us.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Todays Thoughts
A little bit more!

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Today is TONGLEN TUESDAY! Tonglen is a specific meditation that opens us up to the suffering of ourselves and others and then giving kindness in return. In order to transform the world we need to see pain through the eyes of others and choose kindness.

If we can't see the suffering of others and we avoid our own suffering, we can't transform it.  Today, I bow to the greatness of Pema Chödron and her understanding and practice of Tonglen.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

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A little Bit More!

Today is SAVE A LIFE SUNDAY! Be mindful that all hearts beat from the same source. #Leadwithlove and make sure that you honor every life force.

     As a person choosing to live as a vegan; yep... no consumption of any animals or anything made from animals, I am very conscious of saving a life.  I will trap spiders or any wayward critter in a big plastic cup and take them outside. I watch where I walk and try to avoid stepping on ants, slugs, or anything that crawls.  I grieve when I hear that an animal is hurt, abused, or killed.

     I know that not everyone shares my same views.  I also know that in earlier times killing an animal for food, fuel, and warmth was part of survival.

     The thing I don't think people are aware of is that when a life is taken; there is a karmic connection to that death.  It is  held in our soul.  Walking the walk of compassion is not just about being kind... it is about honoring all life forces.  

     I hope you find it in your soul to be more aware of what action you take as you walk through this earth.

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