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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Modeling For Your Kids How To Support Worthy Causes/ Ride Your BIke For Tykes & Tails!

We all want to raise compassionate kids and watch our youth grow up to become passionate and positive members in our community.  This can happen if they are surrounded by those guiding values when they are young.  We can't expect kids to behave in ways that we don't behave. They watch us, they model what we do, and they develop our values.

I've read Miguel Ruiz's book, The Four Agreements; and it had a major impact on my life.  At my last birthday celebration, I as given The Four Agreements Companion Book.  It focuses on the messages we received as children about ourselves: our physical appearance, our strengths, qualities, and how those messages formed our: Book of Laws.  The Book of Laws is were we store all of our beliefs that were given to us by the people in our lives; parents, teachers, friends, adult mentors.  When we are young, we absorb all the messages that we are given-verbal and nonverbal.  Then, we take those beliefs, statements, and images and create what we will then believe about ourselves. This greatly influences how we feel about ourselves, how we judge & treat ourselves, and how we feel, judge, and treat others.  That includes all life forms; like our fur babies.

If you grew up in a home that loved animals and included them in your family; your experience as an adult will be completely different than if you grew up with the message that animals are things with little or no value.  That is exactly why our community has found itself with an animal over population problem.  Our county shelter, through no fault of their own, has to routinely euthanize healthy and adoptable animals because there have been no other options.....UNTIL NOW!

Ally Thomas and Gary Hall, owners of Southern Tails Dog School have formed the Randolph SPCA! This will give our adoptable animals a second chance at finding their forever home and the ability to bring joy, companionship, healing, and lessons to the families that adopt them.  It takes a change in the consciousness of a community to make this happen.  Ally & Gary have the non-profit status, they have the paperwork, they have the dream, they have the desire and motivation, and they have the support of many like minded community leaders and community members.  Now, they need me and they need you!  This will take a village, because the village is who created the problem.

Change starts here!

  • We have to change how we view animals and their purpose in our lives
  • We have to change how we treat our animals
  • We have to change our decision to look the other way
  • We have to change the lack of funding to this cause
  • We have to change our apathy.
Get on board!

  • Stay connected and find out how you can volunteer
  • Choose to model for you kids how to support the SPCA through donations, volunteering, or being a voice in community
  • Support fund raisers that will directly fund the SPCA
  • Write your community leaders and let them know you care about animals and want Asheboro to make them a priority
You are in luck... now that you are motivated... I have the PERFECT way for you to put your motivation and inspiration to practice.  This Saturday, May 11th we are having the SECOND CHANCES SECOND ANNUAL MOTORCYCLE RIDE that will not only benefit the spay/neuter efforts in this county which will make a huge impact on how many adoptable animals would need our help, but it also provides therapeutic books for kids in foster care!  You can be a rider or come out as a community member and have some fun!  You'll hear awesome music by Red Line and kids will be able to bounce off some energy at the bounce house and a great performance by the Canine Players!!  It's free to the public, but we hope you'll bring some cash to support our vendors, buy some food, a T Shirt, participate in the 50/50 raffle, and the silent auction!  ALL these ways to provide the monetary support that we need in this community to make a difference!  Click on this link for more information!

What you say, what you give your attention to, and how you treat people and all life forms has an impact on your child and their future.  Living a life of love, compassion, kindness, and service will ensure your child a future that is not only bright, but one that will bring them the best that life has to offer!