Monday, January 21, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

When Your Life Springs a Leak!

Okay, so my house is older but not condemned.  The builder had a Bible on his desk, but his behavior did not match the book.  Many times we had to challenge him on the building specs and what he was filling our front porch with to avoid toxic fumes later.  Having said all of that, our diligence paid off and we love our home.  It is warm, inviting, and has held up under ice storms, high winds, and deep deep snow... yes, we have had deep deep snow here in NC... it is just a distant memory for some of us.

Anyway!  Although we love our home, the builder did choose to use certain items that were not the highest quality.... so for about 5 years.. maybe longer, I'm not always clicked into numbers.... my loving partner has been diligently repairing our toilets.  A flap here, a new inside thing there... you can tell I also don't do home repairs!  This past week; however, all of her amazing skills hit the fan so to speak and we sprung a leak.  Not just any leak.. a leak of urgent proportion so that we have had to climb up and down our deck steps every day to shut off ALL of the water so the constant flow of water coming out of the pipe even though it was turned off, would not flood the house.  Then we would have to climb back down the steps to turn the water on when we needed to cook, flush, brush, etc.

So it was off to our so favorite hardware store to order TWO new toilets so that we could be done with this bug a boo in our lives.  All was well, the order was made, and a promise of a call to schedule the installation was done.  They will call us; we were told.  We waited, and we waited.

Do you know how many times you need water in a day?  It is amazing to me how many buttocks muscles you really can build by climbing stairs.  I wonder why I spent all that money on a gym membership to use the stair climber!  Honestly!  So, even though the universe had given me ample time to be home yesterday... the only appointment that was finally scheduled was the preliminary appointment to come and check to see what items they would need to do the job.  Of course, we needed more items other than the toilets that were purchased.  Again, we were told to wait.  Once we went and purchased said items we could then WAIT to be scheduled for installation.

So, this morning after we did what we were told and the information was received by the 8:51am yesterday morning that they were free to schedule the installation.... we waited.  Now the universe had given me most of yesterday to be home and most of today.... but no call.  I went to work at 4pm yesterday & that is when they called and left a message. They did not use my cell as we had instructed so I could be contacted at work.. the message was on the home phone so by the time we got home & got the message.....they had already gone home for the day.

I awoke this morning with great anticipation to get 'er scheduled and done before I went into work this afternoon, but when I placed the call I was asked, "What day next week would you like them to come?"

    "NEXT WEEK?"  "NO!"  I was adamant that I would not be held hostage any longer.  Although I love a firm buttocks... enough is enough! So we scheduled for this afternoon.... which meant I had to cancel clients, lose pay, and find other available times to schedule my folks next week.  I indulged in a moment of selfishness and chose to commit to the 12:00pm to 4:00pm window.   I felt happy that this saga was about to end and we could resume our luxurious two bathroom home.  I basked in my assertiveness while eating my now cold steel cut oats and cold coffee... then the phone rang.

Yep, the lady who scheduled today's appointment had made an error.  It absolutely couldn't be done today.. four toilets would take too long.  FOUR?!  I cleared up the confusion but she would not budge.. it was not happening today after all.  "I've cancelled clients!"  "I've removed everything out of the bathrooms!"  My buttocks is sore! :)  (okay, a little TMI and drama; sorry)  I stood firm in my belief that this project would be done before Monday!  She finally agreed to get someone out tomorrow.. between 8:30am and 12:00pm.....which really means I'll wait all morning and they will come about noon and be in our home until supper..... aaaahhhhhh... still a hostage, but full of hope.

So.... I have a choice.  Ruminate on my circumstance or open myself up to another view.  I choose the latter. I am now free to get my truck serviced.  I am now free to eat dinner before 8pm tonight.  I am now free to write this blog.  I am now free to work on the SHEBA sequel, and I am now free to meditate or do nothing!  I guess I am not a hostage after all!  I AM FREE :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Resolutions vs. Intentions

We have all made them!  We have all broken them.  We often dread them!  Resolutions!  When the New Year rolls around we gear up to  resolve to lose weight, be kinder to others, stop procrastinating, eat healthier, work harder, make more money..... and what happens?  We make the same resolutions the very next year!

So, this year I did not make global resolutions, but that doesn't mean I don't expect great things for myself in 2013.  I believe in attracting great things to me and I intend to bring all awesome health, wealth, and love to me and those around me by not making resolutions but by setting positive intentions.  Here's the difference.

When you recognize that something in your life is out of whack or lacking, you may lean toward feeling guilty, bad, wrong, or less than when you compare yourself to others.  This feeling generates the resolution that is made out of a negative state instead of a positive one.  It is no wonder that we drop the ball on a resolution that we don't feel passionate about.

Intentions, on the other hand, is something that comes from a place of positive desire. A place of ownership and knowledge that we deserve it in our lives.  Intentions is a sacred contract between you and your Creator.  When I set an intention, I do it from my highest and best self because it will not only enhance my life but my intention is that it will also enhance those around me.

Intentions are made out of compassion and love for ourselves and for others.  If we choose to believe that we are divinely created and we are here on earth to be of selfless service and love others; then we will offer daily intentions that will be in harmony with our sacred path.

So, as the sun rises every morning; allow yourself the gift of time to set your daily intentions.  Believe in the power of that intention and stay positive.  Believe that what you put out into the universe will present itself.  Open yourself up to the sacred divinity within you and attract what you intend for your day.  You may choose to do that during your morning meditation, or you may choose to journal your intentions.  Writing them down is very powerful and is also a way to track when those intentions start showing up.

Then, as the sun sets; give yourself another gift.  Take time to be alone and offer gratitude for all the positive attractions that came into your day.  Open your heart space and fill yourself with love for your work, your family, and your life.  Set your intention for an awesome night sleep and to wake the next morning with the enthusiasm and energy you need to be a positive light in your world.

Above all, be in a state of love; for yourself and all other souls.  If you make only one intention... to be love in everything you think, say, and do, ... this one intention would be the greatest one of all.  Happy New Year everybody!