Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The Hallmark cards, the sappy commercials, the Hallmark movies, the twinkling lights, the Norman Rockwell paintings!!  ARGHHHHH!  With all that, how could anyone survive the pressure of going through their Holidays in the real world?

The simple answer... you can.

The way to do it?  A little bit more work.  We have all come from so many different backgrounds and we celebrate the Holidays in so many ways.  Now, more than ever, we have to realize that it isn't about how others do it, it has everything to do with how we choose to do it.

I love a story from a friend's childhood.  Following the divorce of her parents, her mom decided that Thanksgiving couldn't be celebrated by the traditional meal and in the traditional way because she couldn't bare the thought of cooking that meal and going through the motions without the dad in the home.  So instead, they got turkey breast sandwiches, went to a park, took a hike, had a picnic and that was that!

So, why is it so tough?  Because we all crave and deserve the Hallmark and Norman Rockwell families. We deserve love, approval, affection, and safety.  If you didn't get it growing up, choose to create that in your life now.  It may not look like the pictures or the fake families on television but you can create a family experience that can provide you with love, approval, affection, and safety.

First, you have to release your connection to the past resentments, rejections, and regrets.  See the past as your learning curve. Take the lessons, leave the pain.  Be the change in your own life this Holiday season and celebrate it in a way that makes your heart sing!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


CONGRATULATIONS to Kimberly Hunley-Setzer and Austin for winning a copy of THE ICE CUBE AWARD! Thanks for entering the contest! Hope you enjoy the book!

Christmas Memories

Entries accepted through:  November 24-December 15th

I am in the giving spirit today! Reading to your child is an amazing childhood memory so to help you give your child the gift of precious time with you... I'm ready to GIVE AWAY a book of YOUR choice: Either:
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