Saturday, February 8, 2014

COMMUNITY EVENT for the RSPCA & the Randolph Humane Society!

Are you ready?  Are you willing?  Do you want to make a difference in an animal's life?  Here's how to do it!

Come be a part of the Second Chances THIRD Annual Motorcycle Ride! CRUZIN' FOR CRITTERS

What?  You don't ride motorcycles?  NO PROBLEM!  This even is for the community as well!  You can choose to ride through Randolph and the surrounding counties, or you can choose to come out for a FUN FILLED day full of food, great music, great craft items, and adoptable pups!  Be a part of the change in Randolph County as we raise the money to bolster our spay/neuter efforts in the county and support our Randolph SPCA and Randolph Humane Society!

Cruzin’ For Critters!
SAVING LIVES! One Fur Baby at a time!

FAMILY FUN for non-riders too!
(Donations accepted)

May 3, 2014
9:00am to 4:00pm
Kickstands up at 10:00am

Cox’s Harley Davidson
Asheboro, NC
Rain or Shine!                         

          ENTRANCE FEE FOR RIDERS:  $20 (Riders...$5 for back seat  REGISTER NOW!
          VENDOR BOOTHS:  $50 Set up 8:30am (Advertise your special business by setting up a booth at the fundraiser!) Email Midge: to request a vendor agreement form and secure your spot!
         ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS ON OUR T SHIRTS!  $100 to display your business
          MEMORIALIZE Your Special Fur Baby:  $5/ baby  (Email your baby's name to be placed onto our RAINBOW BRIDGE MEMORY BOARD)
*Come enjoy the CANINE PLAYERS from the Southern Tails Dog School!
·       AWESOME T-shirts! 

(Black available in smaller sizes/ new orange in all sizes this year)

For more information contact: Midge Noble  336-302-0366

Monday, February 3, 2014

We Are The Light

Tonight, we stand together to share our light.  It may not be a light that shines all over the world, but it could be.  Tonight, we are a light that shines in our community for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.  We come together to lead with love.  We don't agree with the killing of adoptable animals, but we can't allow ourselves to be pulled into the anger and the hate.  If we do, then we are no longer a part of the light. Change cannot happen if we lose focus and become a part of the darkness.  We must lead with love.

Tonight we shine our light to create change.  All the animal souls who  have died are with us. Their spirits are guiding us to be the change.  They are no longer sad, they are not bitter or angry... they willingly died to bring focus to this tragedy so that we could stand here tonight and say, "no more."  No more adoptable animals need to die, but as we stand with vigor, determination, and belief that things will change and are changing... we must stand and lead with love.  Choosing the darkness takes us away from the light and the light will get diminished and the journey will end.  Only love can win this.

So, do your part... speak your mind... but lead with love.

We had an amazing, peaceful, and meaningful rally tonight.  It does not end here.  Contact the Randolph SPCA and be a part of the change.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Be The Change... If Not YOU... Who?

There comes a time in each of our lives that we are challenged to speak or remain silent.  That time is now.  In Randolph County we still allow a gas chamber to be in effect to manage pet over population. I am sad to report that over 7,000 animals are killed each year.  To be clear, there
are some animals that are adopted, but it is a very minuscule amount compared to the thousands of healthy and adoptable animals whose lives are cut short.

In 2005, my family was given the chance to save one of these fur babies.  I received a call from my vet who said a Pembroke Welsh Corgi was saved from the gas chamber.  We took her in. She was filthy, had been bred multiple times, and had huge bald spots on her back.  This was Layla then:
She needed love, patience, and good food to help her heal.  She was so scared and so unsure for a very long time.... but then, her inner corgi came out... and she found her way.  Instead of dying in the gas chamber that day, she started living... 
This was her first trip to the beach.... she really started to blossom!  She IS the reason that I BELIEVE in the change that is happening in this county.  With the Randolph SPCA, we are making a difference!
Our spay/neuter van is putting a dent in the pet overpopulation in this county, and amazing volunteers are taking puppies and loving dogs to other shelters up north that need adoptable animals in their community.
You can also be a part of the change!  Volunteer your time at the Dog Will store at the Randolph SPCA, choose to use your skills to be a committee member, participate in and attend fund raisers that support the cause.  

Our upcoming fundraiser:  Second Chances THIRD Annual Motorcycle Ride is a great place to start....even if you aren't a rider!  You can choose to ride, be a vendor, sponsor our T Shirts, Bounce House, or donate a silent auction item!  More on that later... but know, that we are moving forward and we will provide a SAFE, LOVING, Adoption/ Education low cost spay/neuter shelter.  The only decision is, are you in?  

And, TONIGHT we are holding a PEACE RALLY in front of the Court House in Randolph County to stand up for these fur babies who are teaching us to live compassionately.  We are responsible for their lives, and they deserve us to show up and be our best.  Check out this link to get more information.  

So, the time is now.  YOU are the change.