Saturday, December 15, 2012

When Tragedy Strikes... How Do We Respond?

I work all the time, either in the office counseling children and families who have been through abuse, divorce, or have behavioral issues.  I host a weekly radio show, which involves  setting up guests, preparing for the show, posting the show, and tweeting it out for all of you to find it and download it.  I am a children's book author and I peddle my books at signings, events, book clubs, etc.  I also blog.... which is what I have found time to do today amidst all the unfinished Christmas shopping yet to be done!

So it is no great surprise that I didn't know about or even hear about the horrific scene that played out yesterday in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School until much later yesterday evening.  When I heard about it; like many of you, I was deeply saddened and in shock.  It will never be okay for innocent children or adults to be killed, gunned down, and families destroyed by another person.  "How could this happen?" was one of my first thoughts.... but I already know.

Since the beginning of time, we have not lived with compassion. We have convinced ourselves that solving problems through wars and killing millions of people and destroying property is okay if we get what we are fighting for.  We have allowed ourselves the right to hate specific groups or individuals based on their religious beliefs, color of their skin, sexual orientation, or the team they play on!  As I read the posts on Face Book it is clear, that many people now feel justified in calling the gunman names.  They feel justified at waging war against him.... so what does that make them?

Raising compassionate kids starts in the womb.  You have to love yourself and love your baby with all that you have within you for the connection to start.  When the baby is born it is vital that you spend quality face time with your baby connecting with them, being tuned in, meeting their needs, and showing them the way.  Families are quick to buy kids expensive presents and lavish gifts to make up for the time they don't spend with them.  They allow school, after school, teams, coaches, and friends to give their kids quality time instead of having the face time with their kids that they really need to have.

So, I already know, that in some cases when a tragedy like this occurs; there has been a disconnect, first from the person's internal compassion for others and a disconnect from their loving Creator.  Whether that happened because the family is disconnected or there is mental illness that has disconnected the individual from their own value system is always the question.  It doesn't make what happened right, but we can't sit in judgement of an individual because then we are not in compassion anymore and looking for vengeance.  Hate will always destroy us from the inside first, and then we destroy others.

So, I surround all families, children, and individuals with love and light.  I open my heart to learn the lesson that may be meant for me through this horrific event.  I thank the angel children who died yesterday for the light they put on this earth before they passed.  To my earthly brother who was born into a different family, and  who lost his way, I release my anger at what he did and love the spirit within him because that is who I am called to be.  Namaste

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Four Saints Brewing Company, A Dream Becoming a Reality

Joel McClosky and Andrew Deming are amazing guys.  I went to their special backer incentives pick up today to tour the BREWERY and to hug the guys that so inspire me.  They have gone from a thought, to a dream, to the reality of having the building in downtown Asheboro!   They hope to be up and selling in about six months.  

Although the brewery is not open for business, Four Saints Brewing Company has already earned the Best In Show Beer and Best of Show for the Big Sip Expo!  The vision that these guys have for the very first brewery in Randolph County is exactly what I want!  A place where I'm called by my name when I show up and the feeling that I
am really welcome.  As I listened to Andrew talk about the renovations; exposing the aged bricks that have so much character and a story to tell; I could see the vision. I imagined myself sipping a jalapeno beer next to that brick wall in the warm and inviting lights and creating my own stories with old friends and new friends that are sure to be met in that special place.

So, how do you go from a thought, to a dream,  to the dream becoming a reality?  It is all about passion, vision, and the most fearless word of all, YES!  Joel and Andrew chose to say yes to their dream and then give all of us a chance to take the ride along with them.  As a backer of the Four Saints Brewing Company I am so happy that good guys do finish first!  I believe in the power of dreaming and these guys will always be my heroes!  

What lesson can we learn?  ANYTHING is possible, and these guys are proving it!  When you're in down town Asheboro, take a walk on Fayetteville Street and check them out!  As cliche as it is.... this will be a place where, "Everybody knows your name."

Four Saints Brewing Company  ( OPENING SOON!)
218 S. Fayetteville St.
Asheboro, NC 27203

To hear the guys on the Second Chances Radio show; click here!