Sunday, November 19, 2017

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Today is SAVE A LIFE SUNDAY! Be mindful that all hearts beat from the same source. #Leadwithlove and make sure that you honor every life force.

     As a person choosing to live as a vegan; yep... no consumption of any animals or anything made from animals, I am very conscious of saving a life.  I will trap spiders or any wayward critter in a big plastic cup and take them outside. I watch where I walk and try to avoid stepping on ants, slugs, or anything that crawls.  I grieve when I hear that an animal is hurt, abused, or killed.

     I know that not everyone shares my same views.  I also know that in earlier times killing an animal for food, fuel, and warmth was part of survival.

     The thing I don't think people are aware of is that when a life is taken; there is a karmic connection to that death.  It is  held in our soul.  Walking the walk of compassion is not just about being kind... it is about honoring all life forces.  

     I hope you find it in your soul to be more aware of what action you take as you walk through this earth.

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